Wind Power

We rein in the wind to make a different future

Wind power harnesses the power of moving air, using wind turbines to mechanically drive generators to produce green electricity. Wind power has become the main source of energy in many countries, with both onshore and offshore installations.


In Thailand, BCPG has a 9 MW “LomLigor” wind power project in Pak Panang, Nakhon Si Thammarat province. LomLigor is also the first wind power plant equipped with Energy Storage System to enhance stability of power generation from clean energy.

9 MW
In Operations

The Philippines

To consistently seek expansion for sustainable growth, BCPG invests in wind power business in Visayas Island, Nabas, the Philippines by acquiring 40% in PetroWind Energy Inc. According to investment proportion, BCPG has a 19.7 MW production capacity from two wind power plants, namely,

Nabas-1 wind power plant
14.4 MW
In Operations
Nabas-2 wind power plant
5.3 MW
Under Development


BCPG expands its clean energy business in CLMV countries through a joint venture - Impact Energy Asia Development Limited, to develop wind power project located in Sekong province and Attapeu province in Laos, with a total production capacity of 230 MW, according to investment proportion. The electricity generated from the project will be sold to Vietnam.

290 MW
Under Development