Energizing a Greener and

Sustainable World


Accelerate energy transition towards sustainable and reliable power through innovative energy solutions for all


Proactively strive for innovation excellence while maintaining an environmentally-friendly stance towards change.
Value integrity as the core attribute in doing business, assuring stakeholders of good governance and transparency.
Build a global platform with multi-cultural adaptability and international synergy.

Goal and Strategy

By 2025, we will be a prominent renewable energy player in Asia Pacific with sustainable growth by

Growing through smart investments, leveraging the strengths of the Group and long term relationships with the preferred partners.
Providing energy as a service, connecting consumers and communities through innovative business platforms.
Creating values for the shareholders as a leading integrated greenergy company with operational excellence and social and environmental responsibilities.
Empowering Green Lifestyle
Green Expand
  • BCPG continues to expand its green power production capacity in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Builds confidence. strength in financial position to support both short-term and long-term investment plans.
  • Continues investments in large energy storage system businesses to manage the use of electricity generated by Clean energy and to support future trends.
Empowering Green Lifestyle
Green Innovations

Committed to developing Clean energy innovations to respond to sustainable energy consumption and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Empowering Green Lifestyle
Green Target

Sets a net-zero carbon goal by 2050 to extend a balanced world to future generations.

BCPG’s Shareholding Structure
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  • Transferring of 170-MW solar power business in Thailand from Bangchak Corporation
  • Entering into solar power business in Japan and being selected to operate solar farms for Agricultural Cooperatives in Thailand
  • Investing in wind power business in the Philippines through the acquisition of 40% in 50-MW wind power project
  • Investing in 9-MW wind power project located in Pak Panang, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand
  • Launching a P2P Energy Trading Pilot Project, T77, the first Smart Green Community in Southeast Asia to use Blockchain for renewable energy trading
  • Investing in 69-MW hydropower project (Nam San 3A) in Laos
  • Establishing Impact Energy Asia Development Limited (IEAD), a joint venture between BCPG Public Company Limited and Impact Wind Investment Limited, to develop 600-MW wind power project “Monsoon” located in Laos
  • Establishing Thai Digital Energy Development or TDED, a joint venture between BCPG Public Company Limited and PEA ENCOM, to enter Digital Energy Business
  • Partnering with Chiang Mai University to develop CMU Smart City Project, the smart university equipped with innovative energy management system, e.g. Blockchain, AI, and Vehicle-to-Grid
  • Achieving the capital increase through an issuance of 1.3 billion units of new ordinary shares
  • Investing in four new solar power projects in Thailand, with a total production capacity of 20 MW
  • Investing in 45-MW hydropower project (Nam San 3B) in Laos
  • Partnering with Keppel DHCS and TEAM Group to develop Smart District Cooling System for Samyan Smart City Project
  • Expanding into energy storage system business by investing in Utility-Scale Energy Storage System - Vanadium Redox Flow
  • IEAD, a joint venture between BCPG Public Company Limited and Impact Wind Investment Limited, signed Power Purchase Agreement with Vietnam Electricity to sell electricity from 600-MW wind power project “Monsoon” in Laos to Vietnam
  • Accomplishing the THB 12,000 million Green Bond issuance
  • Establishing a new subsidiary “BCPG Formosa” to expand into solar power business in Taiwan
  • Being assigned an A- company rating with “Stable” outlook by TRIS Rating
  • Investing in solar power projects, with a total production capacity of 469 MW, in Taiwan
  • Signing Engineering, Procurement and Construction Agreement with partners to start construction process of 600-MW wind power project “Monsoon” in Laos
  • Investing in 220-kV transmission line system located in Laos to transfer electricity from green power plants in Laos to Vietnam
  • Being assigned an A company rating with “Stable” outlook by TRIS Rating
  • Investing in oil terminal facility located in Phetchaburi province, Thailand, to serve more potential energy businesses in the future
  • Investing in four combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania, United States, with a total production capacity of 857 MW
  • Partnering with Xiamen Ampace Technology Limited, a joint venture between ATL and CATL, to develop a comprehensive battery business in Thailand
  • Being affirmed an A company rating with “Stable” outlook by TRIS Rating