Solar Power

We transform sunlight into an eco-friendly energy

Solar energy is a great energy source from nature to produce electricity. By using ‘Solar cells’, natural sunlight is converted into electricity. And with an absence of combustion during the transformation process, Solar energy causes no harm to the environment in terms of CO2 and noise pollution.


In Thailand, BCPG has a 200.6 MW solar energy production capacity from 21 solar power projects in 12 provinces. The projects consist of solar power plants and governmental agency and agricultural co-operative programs.

188.7 MW
In Operations
11.9 MW
Under Development


BCPG expands its solar power business by developing and operating solar power plants in 7 provinces in Japan, with total production capacity of 89.7 MW;

79.7 MW
In Operations
10 MW
Under Development

Republic of China (Taiwan)

To expand its greenergy boundary in Asia-Pacific, BCPG invests in and develops solar power projects in 4 provinces in Republic of China (Taiwan), with total production capacity of 469 MW.

469 MW
Under Development