Sustainable Business Development Policy of Bcpg Public Company Limited

To strive for a sustainable corporate culture and achieve its SDG targets, BCPG Group has launched a sustainable business development policy. The policy focuses on creation of values in three dimensions: economic value or Growth, social value or Good, and environmental value or Green, all under the foundation of good governance. The policy, approved on April 17, 2018, contains the following details.

Good Corporate Governance

Operate and manage businesses with transparency and good governance, a stringent anti-corruption policy and comprehensive risk management of the entire value chain.

Collaborate with all sectors to promote sustainable development

Both in terms of law and regulation, strengthen public awareness, collaborate with government sector, business sector, community, and civil society to promote sustainable development through the encouragement of law and regulation formulation, and reinforce awareness on environment and energy conservation.

Enhancing community energy security

Promote and support development of the local economy and community development with a focus on shared value creation through assistance on providing community accessibility to sustainable and reliable energy sources.

Minimizing all environmental impacts

Minimize all environmental impacts of the businesses and integrate the move with the principle of “circular economy” to reduce resource consumption and waste.

Responses to customers' needs and protection of customers’ private data

Manage responses to customers’ needs with the highest possible efficiency, protect individual data privacy including online with state-of-the-art technology and the best possible data security systems.

Creative business growth with environmentally friendly innovations

Consistently develop businesses with creative green innovations and technology compatible with the business strategy of maximizing value.

Developing organizational capability throughout the value chain

Increase organizational competitiveness and sustain growth through development of employees, promotion of business partnership and development of competitive advantage for BCPG’s joint ventures and contractors across the value chain.

Respect for diversity and protect human rights

Aiming to be an organization that accepts and respects diversity by conducting business equally without discrimination.

Protect biodiversity loss caused by business activities

Avoid the impacts of business activities on biodiversity, Reduce biodiversity impact as far as possible, Restore and offset residual impact that may cause biodiversity loss.

Coping with Climate Change

BCPG group considers the rapidly changing climatic factors at present, preparing contingency plans to reduce risks and enhance investment opportunities. This includes minimizing the impact on communities and the environment.