BCPG Group realizes business ethics and responsibility to create and fortify sustainable development in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Six of which directly correspond to strategies and activities pursued by the Group.

Good Health and Well-being

BCPG makes it a priority to provide a safe workplace for all workers through the application of strong safety foundation, adequate measures, and immediate corrective actions. To ensure that all parties related to BCPG premises are provided a decent treatment in any aspects whether health workforce or environmental and social responsibility, BCPG manages every condition to meet regulatory standards.

Affordable and clean energy

As clean energy is the core business of BCPG, all investment in businesses under the Company’s mission are designed for development of affordable and clean energy for everyone in the society and direct promotion of a higher share of clean energy of the overall energy consumption. Moreover, maintenance of high operating efficiency directly supports the intention of SDG 7 on increasing energy consumption efficiency (SDG 7.2) and sharing of expertise and resources of the Group with communities and the society, such as donation and installation of solar panels in remote communities for them to gain access to affordable and clean energy (SDG 7.1).

Decent work and economic growth

BCPG’s businesses involve the hiring of employees of the Company, joint ventures and contractors, and communities in the vicinity, involving directly the economic growth at both small-scale community level and the larger scale of the national level. The Group is fully committed to being a responsible corporate citizen with full respect for and compliance with the human rights of employees, workers of joint ventures and contractors (SDG 8.5, 8.7 and 8.8), as well as to the maximum efficiency of resource utilization of work processes (SDG 8.5). Meanwhile, the Group recognizes the value of and actively promotes the development of the local economy through employment and professional training as well as development of people in the community (SDG 8.5) and continuously develops technology and innovation to increase the effectiveness of the local and the national economy (SDG 8.2), focusing on economic development with zero negative impact on the environment (SDG 8.4).

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Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The identity of the Group is an innovative organization able to effectively deploy technology and creativity for business development. With this identity, BCPG Group tirelessly focuses on and promotes investment on innovations to support the development of infrastructure relying on clean and reliable energy (SDG 9.4 and 9.5).


Sustainable cities and communities

One of the Group’s missions is the deployment of renewable energy and innovations to develop and nourish sustainability with a renewable or circular economy concept. Modern consumers can generate and consume their own power, as well as exchanging among consumers optimizing energy consumption, especially whenever energy surplus becomes available. This changing energy platform is the beginning of the development of a Smart Community, of which high-potential infrastructure of clean energy is the critical part to cope with future settlement of human beings capable of encountering changes to become sustainable (SDG 11.3, 11.5 and 11.6).

Climate action

Generating power from renewable sources to replace energy from fossil fuels is crucial to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The businesses of the Group are therefore significantly involved in the efforts to mitigate impacts of climate change (SDG 13.3). Besides, under the vision to become a leading business organization in renewable energy with sustainable and uninterrupted operation, the Group needs to manage its operations with appropriate risk management of climate change to protect its clean-energy businesses which might be impacted by climate fluctuation from time to time (SDG 13.1 and 13.3).