BCPG operates its business in the interest of its stakeholders, which can be divided into eight groups, namely, employees, suppliers, customers, investors/shareholders, communities, mass media/press, financial institutions, and government agencies, by taking every concerned parties into consideration. In addition, a communication process has been established so as to understand expectations and concerns of the stakeholders and apply the learnings for improving the business operation guidelines to ensure sustainable development and growth.

Stakeholder Engagement Process


Materiality Identification

BCPG complies the key sustainability issues in order to analyze those issues in view of every group of stakeholders. Consideration of key issues takes into consideration internal and external factors, which may have impacts on the corporate sustainability in the areas of economy, environment, and society.


Materiality Prioritization

BCPG considers and assesses the key sustainability issues in order to set their priority in term of sustainability, by taking into consideration impacts in the areas of economy, environment, and society on the business operation and the decision-making of the stakeholders.



BCPG validates the assessment and prioritization of key sustainability issues and compiles opinions, suggestions, expectations, and viewpoints from internal and external stakeholders and propose the same to the Management for approval and further disclosure of information.


Review and Continuous Improvement

BCPG reviews the process for the assessment of key sustainability issues and the disclosure of information on a regular basis and the results of the assessment will be approved by the Executive Committee as presented in the following matrix.

Stakeholder Engagement