Sustainable Business Development Policy

To foster organizational culture in terms of sustainability and to create operational framework that every employee can put into practice, the Company has stipulated main objectives which emphasize on three value creations namely Growth, Good and Green. Such values primarily depend on the foundation of good corporate governance, Consequently, BCPG has set up a 4G framework of sustainable business development.

The Company announced BCPG’s sustainable business development policy on 17 April 2018 as follows:

Good Corporate Governance

The Company maintains business operations with the utmost transparency and good governance practices through stringent anti-corruption policies and comprehensive risk management systems throughout the value chain.

Collaborate with all sectors to promote sustainable development

The Company works with all sectors with regards to laws and regulations and raising public awareness. It cooperates with government agencies, businesses, communities, and civil society to promote sustainable development through actively promoting laws and regulations and raising awareness regarding the importance of environmental and energy conservation.

Enhance energy security for local communities

The Company contributes to the local economy, supports community development, and creates shared value through the backing of access by communities to sustainable and reliable sources of energy.

Minimize environmental footprint in all aspects

The Company minimizes environmental footprint from business activities and integrates the principles of the “Circular Economy” in order to reduce resource usage and waste generation.

Respond to customer’s needs, Data privacy and protection

The Company effectively responds to the needs of customers and protects personal data and online privacy with the most up-to-date technology and the best data security systems.

Promote business growth with eco-friendly innovations

The Company achieves business growth by continuously creating environmentally-friendly innovations and effectively adapting to utilization of value-added technologies.

Develop organizational capacity throughout the value chain

The Company increases organizational capacity and secures continuous business growth through employee readiness development, building better business partnerships, and engaging in capacity building for contractors and subcontractors throughout the value chain.

Protect Human Rights and Respect Diversity

The Company aims to be an inclusive organization that embraces diversity and operates with no form of discrimination.