Solar energy is a natural energy, utilized widely around the world. An abundantly available resource, it can be used inexhaustibly, especially as solar power generation by using solar cells to transform sunlight into electricity. With an absence of combustion during the transformation process, solar energy is a clean energy which causes no harm to environment, in terms of CO2 or noise pollution.

BCPG has both domestic and overseas solar power operations. In Thailand, BCPG has been a pioneer in the solar power business since 2012, initially as a business unit of the Bangchak Corporation. With business transfer from Bangchak Corporation, BCPG was established as a company in 2015.

In the Thai market, the company has a 176.8 MW solar energy production capacity in 11 provinces, which consists of solar power plants, governmental agency and agricultural co-operative programs, solar rooftopbusiness and a peer-to-peer energy trading pilot project at T77 and Smart University Project – Chiang Mai University.

174.6 MW
in operation

2.2 MW
under development

Leveraging from its expertise from Thailand, the company has expanded the business to Japan in 2016, and now has a foothold in many regions of the country, with a total production capacity of 89.7 MW;

79.7 MW
in operation

10 MW
under development

BCPG forges ahead in expanding its greenergy boundary in Asia-Pacific by investing in and developing solar power business in Republic of China (Taiwan).

469 MW
under development

Chaiyaphum : Bamnet Narong-1 (In Operation)

8 MW

Kanchanaburi : Tha Muang (In Operation)

3.9 MW

Saraburi : Phra Phutthabat (In Operation)

5 MW

Chaiyaphum : Bamnet Narong (In Operation)

16 MW

Nakorn Ratchasima : Dan Khun Thot (In Operation)

8 MW

Angthong : Cooperative Solar Wiset Chai Chan (In Operation)

5 MW

Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya : Bang Pa-In (In Operation)

38 MW

Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya : Bang Pa Hun (In Operation)

16 MW

Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya : Cooperative Solar Bang Pa-In (In Operation)

5 MW

Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya : Cooperative Solar Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya (In Operation)

2 MW

Prachinburi : Kabin Buri (In Operation)

16 MW

Buriram : Nong Ki (In Operation)

8 MW

Buriram : Phrakhon Chai (In Operation)

8 MW

Bangkok : P2P Energy Trading Pilot Project (T77) (In Operation)

0.5 MW

Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya : Bang Pa-in Floating Solar (In Operation)

2.1 MW

Kanchanaburi : Bo Phloi (In Operation)

10 MW

Lopburi : Khok Samrong (In Operation)

5 MW

Prachinburi : Muang Prachin Buri (In Operation)

5 MW

Chiang Mai : Smart University Project – Chiang Mai University (Under Development)

9 MW

Komagane (In Operation)

25 MW

Yabuki (In Operation)

20 MW

Gotemba (In Operation)

4 MW

Chiba 2 (Under Development)

10 MW

Takamori (In Operation)

1 MW

Nakatsugawa & Tarumizu (In Operation)

8.8 MW

Nojiri (In Operation)

0.9 MW

Chiba 1 (In Operation)

20 MW

Yunlin (Under Development)

215 MW

Chiayi (Under Development)

8 MW

Tainan (Under Development)

160 MW

Kaohsiung (Under Development)

86 MW