Geothermal power is a form of natural energy that is created and stored in the earth’s crust. The geothermal heat, a stable source of energy, can be converted to produce electricity 24 hours a day.

BCPG was among the first renewable energy companies from Thailand to invest in geothermal power, a power generation business with continuous round-the-clock supply. BCPG has invested in three Geothermal Power Projects in West Java, Indonesia – at Salak, Wayang Windu and Darajat – with a 33.3% acquisition of Star Energy Group Holdings Pte. Ltd., providing an equivalent total production capacity of 181.5 MW;

157.5 MW
in operation

24 MW
under development

Salak (In Operation)

65.2 MW

Wayang Windu (In Operation)

46.9 MW

Wayang Windu (Under Development)

24 MW

Darajat (In Operation)

45.4 MW