BCPG Japan Solar Farms on-course and on-plan, Moving forward with shorten construction schedule, advanced technology at lower construction cost.

BCPG recently announced that its subsidiary - BCPG Japan Corporation - is progressing well, marking its first anniversary of the business acquisition from the SunEdison.  Projects under developments are also expected to proceed as planned.  Emphasis to be on faster construction works, employing higher technology and lowering costs through alliances with experienced contractors.

Mr.Bundit Sapianchai, President of BCPG Plc., said that “When we acquired SunEdison’s Japanese business on 15th February 2016, there were 4 projects in operations with an aggregate capacity of 13 MW. Subsequently, BCPG Japan has expedited the development of remaining projects and lower overall construction costs.”

“I have set the policy of expediting the project realization leveraging on a more advanced construction technology while lowering the construction costs through creating partnership with experienced contractors. The projects are to commence its commercial operation as early as it practically can.”

In August 2016, BCPG Japan commissioned its 5th Solar Power Plant in Japan, located in the Akita prefecture, north of Honshu Island, adding to the portfolio an installed capacity of 13.16 MW.

Most recently, the Nagi Power plant in Okayama Prefecture in Central Honshu, with an installed capacity of 14.38 MW, was able to start supplying the power to the Grid on 20th January 2017, and will begin its commercial operations (COD) on 2nd March this year, almost one month ahead of schedule.

Other projects in Japan are progressing well as planned.  This year, aside from the Solar Farm business, BCPG plans to expand its business to other types of renewable energy, [including wind, geothermal and biomass technology], which are being considered at the moment.  While BCPG’s growth plan will primarily focus on regional growth, in Thailand, as the base of operations, it is confirmed that Solar Farms and Solar Cooperative Projects are operated on lands of which BCPG legally possess the ownership or land rights, with proper operating licenses on every single project.