BCPG Announces Dividend Payment for Q3/2018

BCPG Public Company Limited announced the interim dividend payment of 0.16 baht per share, with XD (Exclude Dividend) sign posted on 7 December 2018, and dividend payment date set for 20 December 2018.

The Company’s Board of Directors meeting on 27 November 2018 approved the interim dividend payment to the shareholders from the net profit in Q3/2018 at the rate of 0.16 baht per share, which is equal to approximately 320 million baht in total.

The Record Date whereby the list of shareholders who are entitled to dividend payment is set for 11 December 2018, while the XD (Exclude Dividend) sign will be posted on 7 December 2018 and the dividend payment date is scheduled for 20 December 2018.