BCPG to propose energy management with innovative technology, making clean energy accessible for all

BCPG, one of the leaders in renewable energy in South-east Asia, with solar power, wind power and geothermal power businesses in Thailand, Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia, aims at transforming clean energy business with innovative technology in energy management, encouraging consumers to generate reusable energy and sell it on the retail market. The Company intends to expose more people to low-cost and low-carbon energy, the concept which is also in line with Thai government’s policy on energy cost reduction.

Mr. Bundit Sapianchai, BCPG President, told Oxford Business Group’s online broadcasting channel, Global Platform (OBG) that diversifying into more types of renewable energy and seeking innovative products and services is central to the company’s strategy of fulfilling consumer needs. With the innovation in clean energy management, consumers can be the producer of their own energy and sell a surplus of energy to others.

“We offer consumers the opportunity to own energy, they can either use it, or sell it through our energy-trading platform that allows for peer-to-peer trading by using Blockchain technology”, said Mr. Bundit

Mr. Bundit also points that Blockchain technology will play a crucial role in clean energy business as energy is effectively managed and consumers can produce their own energy and sell the excessive energy to the grid, shifting from a consumer to a prosumer. Also, as the cost of a solar panel has dropped more than three times, this will help reduce cost of energy production in the country, which is in accordance with the government’s policy on energy cost reduction, as well as preventing the greenhouse effect.

Retail market is the new path way of BCPG. The Company transforms itself from clean energy producer who sells energy directly to state-owned organizations (Wholesale Market) to retailer who has direct contact with the end-user. Though it might take a couple of years for the Company to be fit in the retail market and three years to have a well-merged business model between wholesale and retail, this business model transformation will bring about a new phase of clean energy business where energy is more accessible for all.

“We provide them the system, but the energy belongs to consumers. We give power back to the people and that’s what we believe in terms of the democratization of energy”, said Mr. Bundit

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