Education / Training

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Science (Mechanical Engineering), (Class 31), Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy
  • Airborne Training Course (Class 139), Special Warfare Center
  • Ranger Training Course (Class 69), Special Warfare Center
  • Officer Basic Course Cavalry (Class 1/1986)
  • Officer Advance Course Cavalry, Australia (ROAC)
  • Officer Advance Course Cavalry, Thailand
  • Administrator Army Comptroller Course
  • The Course of the 71, Command and General Staff Collage
  • The Course of the 52, Royal Thai Army War Collage
  • Diploma, National Defence College, The National Defence Course (Class 57)
  • Certificate, Director Accreditation Program (DAP 164/2019), Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)
  • Certificate, Strategic Board Master (SBM 9/2020), Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)


8th May 2019 – 9th September 2019 Director, The Government Lottery Office
2018 Task force of Advisor, National Security Council
2017 Director, 5th Operations Coordination Center (Mission of The Southern Border Provinces), Royal Thai Army
2015 Professional, Royal Thai Army and perform duties in Deputy Director, Office of The Policy and Strategy Security, Internal Security Operation Command (OPSS, ISOC)
2013 Deputy Commander, 2nd Cavalry Division King’s Guard, Royal Thai Army
2012 Commander, 1st Cavalry Regiment King’s Guard, Royal Thai Army
2011 Commander, 4th Regiment Task Forces, Pamuang Task Force, Royal Thai Army
2010 Commander, 4th Cavalry Regiment King’s Guard, Royal Thai Army

Other directorship position / Other positions at present

  • Other listed companies
    • - None -
  • Non-listed companies
    • Deputy Director, Office of the Internal Security Operation Mission of the Royal Thai Army

Shareholding in the Company : None shares (as at 30 September 2020)

Familial relationship with other directors, executive, main shareholders or subsidiaries : None