Our Business

BCPG’s target is to be a world-class operator and distributor of electrical power from renewable sources. We invest in companies already operating and distributing electrical power from renewable resources, and in companies developing newer forms of clean power. Our mission is to diligently invest in, manage, and develop renewable power of all types.


Corporate Structure

BCPG is one of the largest solar Independent Power Producers in Thailand, with a portfolio that includes 182 MWDC of operating solar in Thailand and 236 MWDC in Japan. BCPG is in position to secure 1 GW

(1 Gigawatts, or 1,000 MW) of renewable energy by 2020.

Solar power

The Solar Power Project by BCPG is the mainstay of our effort to produce clean, eco-friendly renewable energy. Using the latest technology, BCPG operates solar power plants both domestically and internationally. In Thailand, BCPG manages solar power plants in 6 provinces, with 188 megawatts from existing projects and 12 megawatts from projects under development, for a total capacity of 130 megawatts. In Japan, BCPG and its partners operate solar power plants with 20 megawatts in operation and another 174 megawatts on the way.


Solar Power is not BCPG's only technology. We have a diversified portfolio that includes investment in other forms of renewable power businesses, such as biomass, wind power, geothermal, etc.

Biopower or Biomass power

Biomass energy is the chemical energy obtained from organic material that was created using energy in the environment. This stored energy is extracted from these organic materials and used to generate power. The source of the organic materials can be plants, animals, scrap wood, garbage, or industrial and agricultural waste (such as rice or corn husks, or wood pulp from rubber or eucalyptus mills).

Wind power

Renewable power with a low environmental impact, Wind Power is already an important source of power in many countries. BCPG has prioritized development of wind-powered electrical generation, for installations that are both land-based and sea-based.


Power generated from flowing water has long been used to generate electricity, most famously from dams. However, new technology is opening up new ways to harness the natural energy found in water in any location: tidal flows, waves, anywhere that water moves there is the opportunity to generate power.

Geothermal power

Using the heat from the earth itself, geothermal energy is a completely non-polluting source of energy. Although it has been used to generate power for some time in a few locations, this type of power generation is still in its infancy.

Solar Energy Power Plants

Solar Energy Power Plants

  • Projects already in commercial operation           with a total contracted capacity of 130 Megawatts.

A total contracted capacity of 130 Megawatts.

Solar Energy Power Plants

Solar Energy Power Plants

  • Projects already in commercial operation           with a total contracted capacity of 30 Megawatts.
  • Projects under development​           with a total contracted capacity of 164 Megawatts.

A total contracted capacity of 194 Megawatts.